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asdjksadjkasdkjsad Finally! >w< I've just bought the third book of THG *-----------* sadjksadjkds I can't wait to finish reading it *O*

asdjksadjkasdkjsad Por fin! >w< Acabo de comprar el último libro de Los Juegos del Hambre  *-----------*  Ya lo quiero terminar sdajkasdjkas *O*

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Ok, I've seen that many people is getting banned and I'm scared ;n; I think I won't be posting much editions anymore because I don't want to get banned ;O; I will be uploading resources for photoshop with stock photos for the previews and that's all ._. And for my editions, I've thought it a while and I think I made myself an account on Tumblr, even though I've never liked it that much as dA but I have no choice(?) if I still want to edit ;n; So follow me? XDDD Just if you want >><<

Nomnom, that's all, take care everyone n_n
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-sigh- Well, during a year, more less, I haven't been paying much attention to Tokio Hotel and so, since Bill made all those changes to his image andI think I wouldn't care of it but the truth is, I don't like him that way, I think he has changed a lot since he and Tom moved to LA, not only on the outside but in his thoughts, but, I want to be loyal to the reason I loved them for first time: the message of their music, not their looks. I promised myself I'll like them no mather what IF their music is still good, so, I will be waiting for the new album, or just a song, I have to know if they are the same inside, if they are, I won't care how they look, it's their life, not mine.

PS: I don't like the BTK app ._. Where the hell are the G's?! D:
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adskjdasjksadjksadjksadjksadjkkljsdakadskjdasjksadjksadjksadjksadjkkljsdakadskjdasjksadjksad TTwTT

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:iconfangirlingplz: //dies
Hope you haven't forgotten me n_n

The beginning is always awkward e.é
Hi everyone(?) xD So, this is it, I've been a bit inactive for some time but I'm kinda back(?). My spring break started the past Friday and now I'm free to do whatever I want... at least for 2 weeks xD *sigh*
Oh! I've been making some resources/wallpapers/editions that I'll upload when I finish checking my 9,278 messages (I've never had that much in my inbox but whatever e_é) And I think that's all n__n Thanks to veryone who has added me to their +watch and has faved my art ;3;

Have a nice day and blah blah blah xD

OH! I almost forget... I don't wanna sound mean but, DON'T ASK FOR POINTS! I'm not rich e.e
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vesaspring is giving away 300 points . To get a chance on winning share her on your profile! :D


PSD Coloring 017 by vesaspring

PSD Coloring 003 by vesaspring
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I. Esp: Por cada 20 personas que respondan este journal, pondré en esta lista sus avatars y 3 deviations que me gusten de su galería!
Eng: For each of the 20 first people answering this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like most from their gallery on the list!

II. Esp: Si respondes, tendrás que hacer lo mismo en tu journal, poniendo al tagger en primer lugar. La idea no es hacer features gratis, es esparcir el arte a todos!

Eng: If you answer, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

1.- :iconanysayuri: Kim Hyun Joong Wallpaper 16 by Anysayuri SHINee Journal Skin by Anysayuri Lee Minho Wallpaper by Anysayuri Fue muy difícil elegir ;~;
2.- :iconskutthaariiy: DaRk SiDeRs by Skutthaariiy Dark Anthems by Skutthaariiy world behind my wall by Skutthaariiy
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Tag (.___.)

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 29, 2012, 2:11 PM


1. Usted debe pegar estas reglas (muy, muy importante)
2. Responder a las preguntas de QUIEN te taggeó , y crear diez nuevas
preguntas para la gente que vas a taggear.
3. Tienes que elegir 10 personas para etiquetar y publicar sus iconos en este journal.
4. Ir a los perfiles de la gente que TÚ has taggeado y avisarles que han sido taggeados.

Preguntas de tearsinmyheart ~

1. ¿Cuál fue el momento más vergonzoso que tuviste? e3e
No me acuerdo xDU He tenido muchos momentos vergonzosos xdd
Pero talvez fue cantar en frente de todo el salón en mi primer día de clases y que se me saliera el gallo xD
O que se me calló el yogurt en la falda por estar en la baba xD

2. ¿Cuál es tu canción favorita?
Tengo muchas D: Pero, creo que mis favoritas son
Monsoon, Don't Jump, Final Day (Tokio Hotel)
Quasimodo, Replay, Jo Jo, Best Place (SHINee)
y ahí le dejo porque si sigo no termino xD

3. Género favorito de película. ¿Por qué?
Terror ewé porque soy una maldita masoquista que luego no puedo dormir y ando paranoica 1 mes pero sigo viendo más películas > n <

4. Videojuego favorito. ¿Por qué? (Si te gustan contesta >3<)
Soy rara y no juego videojuegos (.___.)

5. ¿Color favorito?
Azul Zafiro Perlado♥ -ELF mode on-

6. ¿Como calificarías tu caligrafía? (LOL nosé que preguntar ¬¬)
"Paula amo tu letra"
"Gracias ^-^ aunque a mi no me gusta tanto"
"¡¿Que dices?! Tu letra es como un orgasmo para mis ojos *-*"
"Estem... Gracias(?) (.__.) -huye-"
Fin del tema ;BB

7. ¿Comida favorita?
Pollo Agridulce!!♥ *¬*

8. ¿Eres religioso/a?
Negativo ;BB

9. ¿Cuál es tu película favorita que tuvo un libro de antecedente?
La Historia Sin Fin >w<

10. ¿Color de pelo exótico que te gustaría tener? (LOL)
LOLWUT XDD Emm nolosé xD
Me gustaría tener el cabello como Victoria o Krystal en NU ABO♥ >33<

No taggeo a nadie porque soy muy ruda B) No la verdad me da weba xD

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SHINee/F x Groups

Sat Dec 17, 2011, 3:40 PM
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  • Watching: Takumi Kun II
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Sat Dec 3, 2011, 3:41 PM
I have many activity messages and I can't go to every profile and say "Thank you" ;A;
But I really appreciate every one that has faved my works or watched me :3 :blowkiss:
Also thank you for the 9,759 pageviews! :la: You guys are amazing! ;w;

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  • Watching: Takumi Kun II


Journal Entry: Thu Dec 1, 2011, 4:52 PM
Ok I was tagged years ago XDD by:

Love you all :happybounce:~♡

Here are the magical rules
1 - You must post these rules (VERY Important )
2 - Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3 - Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4 - You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5 - Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
6 - No tag backs
7 - No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You legitimately (AKA, really, truly with all honesty) have to tag 10 people.
8 - YOU MUST inform person who tagged you that you have done this journal, leave a message on their page :)

1. I love KPOP! *--*
2. I love pigs xdd
3. I hate my school ><
4. I'm loyal friend :3
5. I'm always trying to make things as perfect as possible ^^;
6. I think I'm ugly but I don't really care about my aspect xD
7. I have many fandoms lml
8. I miss my friends ;__;
9. I'm lazy as hell XDD
10. I laugh A LOT XDD

Skutthaariiy 's questions

1) had you get in trouble for doing what you want?
Yep :la: XDD

2)what do you want to do the next year?
Kidnap SHINee :iconfuckyeahplz: okno, I want so bad to change of school ;O;

3) wich is your favorite color and why do you feel good with it?
Black *-* I don't know why xdd

4) when is your birthday?
4th. of February :3

5) and , what are you gonna do that day?
I'm gonna see my best friends and we're going to go to a fair ^^

6)do you hide your emotions?
Just a bit x)

7)have you suffer for someone that maybey dont know that you exist or that dont remember your name?
YES @:

8) have you cut yourself?
Again, yes, ;___; It's the worts thing I ever did and I won't do it again >< EVER!

9)wich type of music (or bands/groups) do you love?
KPOP & JPOP ♥ I love many groups >< But above of all:
♥ SHINee
♥ f(x)
♥ Super Junior
♥ 2NE1

10)will you change yourself (how you are and what you like) for a guy/girl?

anna06i's questions:

1. what can you say about me? :D
I think you are a nice person nwn~
2. where are u from?
Mexico and proud lml
3. all time favorite song (kpop or nonkpop)
Neorago (It's you) ~ I so freaking LOVE that song
4. do you have a tumblr account?
5. twitter?
Yep @PawlaNighttmare (XD)
6. whats your favorite food?
7. any suggestions of what/who should i edit next?
cof cof SiChul cof cof xDD Whatever you want your edits are just GORGEOUS! *-*
8. are u a boy or girl?
Girl ^^
9. whats your age?
I'm 14 nwn~

aiisblueapple's questions:

1. When did you have your  first crush/love?
When I was 6 ;D

2. What's your dream when you were kid? Does it still exist?
I dreamed about being a famous actress and marry Zac Efron XDD
I've changed a lot o_O Now I want to be a graphic designer and marry a korean guy Teamin XDD

3. What makes you cry most?
To see my friends crying ;__;

4. Are you happy being yourself?

5. What are you doing when you feel down?
I listen to music; first I listen to songs that make me feel worst xdd' and then I change them to happy ones.

6. Which country do you want to stay?

7. Who's the person that you've been longing to meet?
I had a childhood friend I never saw again u.u And I been looking for him for almost 3 years and I finally found him on facebook and I looking forward to see him again :love:

8. If you were an animal, what kind of animal were you? why?
I'd be and unicorn *OOOOO* oknott xDD I think I'd like to be a dog, they're the most loyalty and adorable animals in the hole planet :love:

9. If you could turn back time, which era you wanted to go?
I've always liked the Middle Age; but I wouldn't last a month without Internet, so... XDD

10. If you have only one wish to be granted, what's your wish?
I don't know .___.
That every single child had a house T____T It's heartbreaking to see a 2-year-old kid sleeping on the streets

10. whats your hidden talent?
Ammm... ammm xD I can memorize many things (?) Does that count as a talent? XDD

11. do you have any message for me?
LOVEE YOOU GIRL! :tighthug:

SHINee88shawol's questions: you like Kpop or Jpop ? (if yes mention the Group you like)
Both ;3 I like many D: you think that you're good doing the thing you like ?
Yeah and I really enjoy doing it (: you watch Jdrama or Kdrama (if yes, what do you prefer ..Jdrama or Kdrama 0?  ?
No ;___; Yet XDD

4. would you say bad things about other Kpop or Jpop groups ?
No, I respect others work bacause I know that it isn't easy and I wouldn't do it better~ you watch Anime ? (if yes what's your favorite)?
ABSOLUTELY YES! Jujou Romantica :love: you like Seafood ?
Yes, I love shrimps you like school ?

8.what's your favorite movie?
I think it would be "Hachi: A Dog's tale" ;O; so sad u.u

9.are you short tempered ?
No, I'm actually quite relaxed =w=

10. whats your favorite chocolate ?
Hershey's :love:

11.what's your favorite countries ? have you ever visited them?
Mexico (lml)

I don't tag anyone~ :3

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  • Reading: Empire Of Blood (SHINee fanfic)
  • Watching: Takumi Kun I
  • Eating: Hershey's

Did you guys miss me? :3

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 27, 2011, 6:06 PM
Because I did miss you T___T
God, many things have happened, I'm a completely mess XDD

  • Above all I have to say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIM! :iconsukaiagatsuma: :party: I know I'm always late with the bdays but meeeh xdd

  • I HAVE A NEW PC! saklasdalsdkla I'm so happy :iconhappytearsplz: It's huge compared to the mini laptop I had xdd' My dad bought it me for my 15th. birthday (my bday is on February 4th.) but I wanted it now XDD'

  • I'm over stressed with school D: Too.much.homework TT___TT I have to write a kind of novel or something like that for this Wednesday and I don't have a single idea of what to make it, all my mates are thinking of love ¬¬U I'm bored of love I wanna make something different >u<~

  • I created an account on facebook for RP, I'm roleplaying Heechul-oppa :iconhurrhurrplz: kekekeke~

  • I'm going to spam your inbox when I finish to check my messages XDD' No, just kindding, but I've been working on some wallpapers and resources for Photoshop but I'm too lazy to upload them xdd'

  • I had like 7,000 messages of deviantWATCH and 233 of Feedback ;____; I've never seen so many messages in my entire life! D:

I could write more and more detailed but I have to start writing my "novel" ;O;

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Off for some days e.e

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 10, 2011, 3:59 PM

I broke my PC's charger so it doesn't work .___. (I'm on my mom's pc right now)
I don't know until when I'll have it repaired Dx
The stramge thing is that I'm not hysteric at all xD I'll took this as a kind of vacation (?)
That's all for now.

:peace:   &&' :iconheartpinkplz:

Graphics by tyleramato
CSS by moonfreak
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Tue Oct 4, 2011, 4:53 PM

I hate that my classmates are so immature >< even for them.
Today I was at computer class and (as always ¬¬) I was helping anyone who asked me to explain her/him something the teacher didn't say, whatever, the thing is that we're working on making a website with HTML code and all that stuff, at first I thought it would be fun 'cause I already knew that, but it's totally the opposite! I can't work on my own website because are saying my name all day long! e-o And the teacher only sits down and watches...
WTF is wrong whit him?! I teach and he gets paid for doing nothing?!
I don't only want a good grade, I want to work on my own things and be an student, not a teacher! ¬n¬
... I told him that  but he took it as a joke... anyway, I won't explain my classmates any more -.-
The other thing that is really pissing me off is that they are so sdafadfssdf ¬___¬ Idk how to explain it, I mean, they were watching my website (which is about f(x) -a kpop band-) and D; They said that Amber was a boy, I know that that is the intention of her look, but they made hurtful comments like "Oh my god, THATS A MAN! AND HE'S SO UGLY! e_e, how can he wear skirt?! He looks ridiculous hahahahaha!" or about the whole group "How can you like those chinese girls?" And I was like, they're not chinese, THEY ARE KOREAN! How many times do I have to say it?! and actually Victoria is chinese and she rocks! lmL
I get mad because they believe that if they're asiatic they're all chinese... -.- BITCHES! CHINA, KOREA, JAPAN, TAIWAN, ETC, ARE DIFFERENT COUNTRIES YOU IDIOTS!
Aggh and when I was watching a Super Junior video (Sorry, Sorry :love: ) They told me; They're gays... AND IF THEY WERE, WHAT?!
I know that they're not obligated to like the same things as me, but at least respect them! I don't like Justin Bieber (that it seems to be the only thing in the world for them -no kiddin-) but I don't criticize him, I don't even know him face to face! I can't say anything bad about him because he hadn't made me something bad .-. aah, I think I'll just ignore their stupid comments ://

Ahhh, it feels so good to write about this :3 I can't say it whit anyone else .___.
Sorry if I bothered you with my problems n////n~

Nothing ^^

Coke :3

Oops!! - Super Junior (feat. f(x))

Nothing ._.

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Vocaloid Quiz

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 13, 2011, 4:03 PM

Tagged by: :iconmiamoure:

~~★Hatsune Miku★~~
[x]You like the color aqua.
[ ]You have tasted leek and liked it.
[ ]You have a high pitched voice.
[x]You have long hair.
[x]You are very popular. (Well, kinda xdd)
[ ]You have a hard time singing low notes.
Total: 3

~~★Kagamine Rin★~~
[ ]You have blond hair and blue eyes.
[ ]You like oranges.
[ ]You like to wear bows.
[ ]You can hit higher pitches than other people.
[ ]You have a twin brother.
[x]You like the color yellow.
Total: 1

~~★Kagamine Len★~~
[ ]You like bananas.
[ ]You have a twin sister.
[ ]You have blond hair and blue eyes.
[ ]You are often called a girl.
[ ]You can hit low pitches and high pitches with no trouble
[x]You like to wear shorts.
Total: 1

~~★Megurine Luka★~~
[ ]You have a womanly voice.
[x]You can hit low pitches easily.
[x]You like the colors pink and blue.
[x]You struggle to hit high notes.
[ ]You like tuna.
[ ]You have/had pink hair at some point in your life.
Total: 3

~~★MEIKO/Sakine Meiko★~~
[ ]You like sake.
[ ]You have brown hair.
[x]You like the color red.
[x]You get drunk easily. (But I don't like to drink, it's only because I'm a weird person whose blood can't stand a single alcohol

degree! e__é)
[x]You act like a older sister to other people.
[x]You are quite violent.
Total: 4

~~★KAITO/Shion Kaito★~~
[x]You like ice-cream.
[x]You like the color blue.
[x]You are easy-going.
[ ]You like to wear scarves.
[x]You are often bullied/teased by others.
[ ]You can only hit low, deep notes.**
Total: 3

~~★Megpoid Gumi★~~
[x]You like carrots.
[ ]You want/had green hair at some point in your life.
[x]You have long bangs at the side of your face. *
[ ]You can hit low and high pitches easily.
[x]You like the colours green, orange and/or yellow.
[ ]You like to sing calm songs.
Total: 3

~~★Akita Neru★~~
[ ]You have blond hair and blue eyes.
[ ]You don't like/are jealous of Hatsune Miku/someone similar.
[x]You like to wear shorts underneath skirts.
[x]You are like a tomboy.
[x]You like to text people. *
[ ]You get upset easily.
Total: 3

~~★Zatsune Miku★~~
[x]You are considered very evil.
[x]You have/had black hair in some point in your life.
[ ] You are sometimes called a goth.
[x]You like the colours black and red.
[x]You can sometimes be very violent.
[x]You get angry easily.
Total: 5

So, I'm Zatsune Miku, cool B) XDD
Feel free to steal this xdd

  • Listening to: KPOP ^^
  • Watching: Bill's new hair style e.o

Something(?) XDD

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 11, 2011, 4:58 PM

Ok first of all, askljfdslkaskfdas *--* I was looking forward to use this skin :la: XDDD

Remember I told you guys that I was going to go to a new school? Yeah, things didn't went as I expected to =__=
I don't feel like I really fit in my new school :/ Everyone talks about previous years and about people I don't know, but I think that's kinda normal at the beginning, but then it's like "Stop talking about that! ¬¬" and they're very superficial : |Have you seen dumb girls in movies that ONLY talk about make up, guys and Justin Bieber? It's like living in that movie e__é plus now I have a problem with a "friend" that I know for 3 years now and I realize that... she has never been my real friend, she only used me when she had problems or wanted something from me >< I can't believe I was so blind e.é I mean, she was all day talking about herself and her boyfriend, and she only appears when she doesn't understands something of math class .__. Whateva, I won't talk to her anymore : D
The only thing I like about this school is that the educational level is pretty good ^^ except for math and english =__=
I was taking a look to my math book, and, I'VE SEEN EVERYTHING LAST YEAR! It's frustrating 'cause everyone is like "Omg this is so difficult", "I don't get a single thing! D:" and I'm like, "WHY?! =n="
Oh and english class... ;_____;
The teacher's pronunciation makes me wanna cry! (really) ;___; AND I'm in Intermediate level ¬___¬ (those bastards -.-) in this school there are 4 levels, elementary, basic, intermidiate and practical. They make you a diagnostic exam to know your level (remember that I'm mexican but I can speak/write in english ;D) The thing is that idk why did they put me in Basic level ;O; But fortunately I spoke with the principal and now I'm in intermediate .--. It's kinda better, in basic lever you see days of the week, the months, numbers and e.o *frustrated* I had to get that out of me, sorry for being too complaining XDD

Ok now the good things (?) XDD
♡ I want to open some groups for some of my fandoms xd
♡I've been doing some wallpapers and resources on photoshop and I don't have too much homework right now so I'm going to upload some stuff... maybe XD
♡ I really want to start reading fan fictions in english (if you write one tell me *A* )

And that's all for now nwn~♡
Thanks for reading nwn

CSS by Anysayuri
Mini thumb code by thespook
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  • Reading: Yeya's fan fics *O*

New group! nwn

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 7, 2011, 6:50 PM
  • Listening to: MBLAQ - Mona Lisa
New Group! nwn~

Long time ago I wanted to make a group for the artists that really put effort into their art, (if you didn't know I H-A-T-E displays -.-) So finally I made a group for the perfectionist artists :D So, what are you waiting for? Join my group or I'll bite you :stinkeye: Nah just kidding XD

:iconps-perfectionists: :iconps-perfectionists: :iconps-perfectionists:
PS-Perfectionists PS-Perfectionists PS-Perfectionists

:iconps-perfectionists: :iconps-perfectionists: :iconps-perfectionists:
PS-Perfectionists PS-Perfectionists PS-Perfectionists

:iconps-perfectionists: :iconps-perfectionists: :iconps-perfectionists:
PS-Perfectionists PS-Perfectionists PS-Perfectionists

:iconps-perfectionists: :iconps-perfectionists: :iconps-perfectionists:
PS-Perfectionists PS-Perfectionists PS-Perfectionists

:iconps-perfectionists: :iconps-perfectionists: :iconps-perfectionists:
PS-Perfectionists PS-Perfectionists PS-Perfectionists

Some Updates n__n

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 21, 2011, 10:24 AM
I hadn't write a journal in a while so this is going to be a large one XD

♡  The first thing I want to say is : MIKA I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! :la: Besides you gave me the premium membership you're a great friend and artist, and if you need ANYTHING I'll be there for you, ok? :3

♡ Second. I'm going back to school on Monday T___T and that totally sucks >< I don't have anything against school or something like that but I'm tired of changing of school, It's the third change of school in 3 years T.T and next year I'll change of school AGAIN ¬¬ but the worse thing about this is that I LOVED my old school TwT I swear I'll miss every single thing about that school. Every Teacher, every class, and above all my best friends, well, actually everybody 'cause we were like a huge family u__u (The school had to close because the principal has cancer ;__; )
But the good thing about this is that I'll push myself to get better grades, last year I was a mess  :XD:  (In Mexico the highest grade is 10 and last year I got 8.4, which is bad because the previous year I got 9.7 ^^;  Plus I lost my scholarship e_e) But whatever XDD Wish me luck ^^

♡ Third. If you hadn't notice I started to LOVEE!like KPOP :love: (you can notice it in my journal skin; I LOVE SHINee HELLO BABY! :squee: ) like 3 or 4 months ago, also JPOP, JROCK and manga&anime as well :D so my favourite KPOP bands at the moment are:

• SHINee
• f(x)

Of course I love each member of this bands but I love the most:

• Taemin
• Minho
• Sulli
• Amber
• Lee Joon
• SeungHo
• Mir

These are the ones that I know the members and the band history and discography but I also like many other bands but I don't know EVERYTHING about them n///n as:

• Super Junior
• CNBlue
• Miss A
• BoA
• Boyfriend
• BigBang
• 2NE1
• 4Minute
• Wonder Girls
• Rainbow
• 2PM
• 2AM
• F.T. Island
• And many more that I don't remember in this moment XD

And from JPOP I don't know many bands but it sounds great :love: From JROCK I heard some songs from a band called Nightmare…  oh my :iconnosebleedingplz:
And finally anime&manga :la: IT'S TOTALLY HER FAULT THAT I LOVE YAOI --> :iconthetruehaku: e.é (you know I love you for that ;D ) So I've watched some episodes of Junjo Romantica… :faint: I FREAKIN LOVE MISAKI! :iconepiclaplz: … he's so… Uke  XDD >w< ok nuff .__. Xd

♡Fourth. I've been working on some photoshop resources and doing some wallpapers and editions (ever on a Georg manip that you'll see in a while;D) so I'm going to upload them in this days and I'm also going to add two new folders to my gallery :D

♡ And the Last but most important of this journal; I'd love to have friends from all around the world :la: I already have many here but I'd like to be more personal :3
Here is where you can find me:

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Messenger: (lol XD)

I have to say that I don't check my twitter, metroflog, and my blog too much XDD I most use facebook and MSN :D So, don't be afraid to add me, I swear I won't bite you … maybe XD Naah just kidding XD The only thing I ask for if you add me is that you leave a comment so I know who you are n__n

So that's all for now people, take care! :blowkiss:

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P.S. Excuse me for my lame english :stupidme: ^^;

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I want a sub! nwn

Sun Aug 7, 2011, 8:42 PM
Ok, first of all I want to say, I'm so happy that DA let free users use journal skins for free  :la: (even though it's for a limited time I still love it nwn) :la:
But I still want a Premium membership XD, so I'm going to start to selling my artwork for :points: :D

•Actions and PSD's: 30 - 35 :points:… and…
•Texture: 15-20 :points:…
•Simple texture pack (4 textures): 30 -40 :points: (I'll submit an example later :P )
•ID's: 20 :points:…
•Avatar: 10 :points:… and…
•Simple edition (blend): 20 :points:…………
•Wallpaper: 35 :points:… and…
•Png pack (15 png's): 50 :points:… and…
•Tutorial: 60 :points:…
•Patterns and styles: 30 - 35 :points:… and…

(For the prices I took in count how much time I spend doing each one and how difficult is for me)

My rules:

• I won't make anything that has to be with violence or sex.
•For the ID's/Blends/Wallpapers/png's/Avatars you have to tell me the image or images that you want me to use, and in the case of the wallpapers the size of your screen.
•Be nice with me, I'm only 14 ^^

So, Commishes are open! nwn
And for all my friends I have here, I'll be making surprises for you :woohoo:
Excuse me for my lame english :stupidme: XDD
Thanks for reading :love:

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